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Posted by pam at 5 August , 2010

Walking out of HEC

Walking out of HEC

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my previous post.
As I’m preparing my big move to China, time has really passed without me noticing anything.

Before I go and start the second chapter of my MBA experience, I wanted to reflect back on what I have learned and what I’ll take away from it.

3 classes I enjoyed:

  • Marketing (with J.N. Kapferer)
  • Corporate Finance (with P. Quiry)
  • Luxury Strategy (with V. Bastien)

3 things that make HEC unique:

  • TEC on campus: I haven’t had time to write a dedicated article about it although I really should have. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been selected as one of the 12 TEC participants. It’s only fair to say that this programme has made an enormous impact on my life. I know that in 10 years even if I forget everything I have learned from my MBA, I’ll be able to look back at this programme as something that made me into a better person.
  • MBAT and the Social and Sustainable Business Conference: Large events organised 100% by students. These events were key to solidifying the HEC MBA students through a common goal and high spirit. And this year HEC won the MBAT for the first time. Enough said.
  • Leadership Seminar at St Cyr: There we applied in real physical situations what leadership means. What does it mean to be a leader and followed as such even by others who don’t think the same way? What does it mean to conquer one’s fears and be part of a team? In 2 days we learned by doing what could not have been taught to us even through many words.

3 fun facts about the campus:

  • Piano bar and POWs: The parties on HEC campus are a lot of fun. The piano bar hosts MBA parties regularly, and in case you want more you can attend the huge POW parties hosted every week by the Grande Ecole students.
  • Cultural weeks and the French Connection club: HEC communities regularly organise cultural parties. This year we had cultural weeks for Africa, Japan, China, India, and Latin countries. In my case, I participated mostly in the French Connection club, which organises activities to teach fellow students about France throughout the year.
  • La Ferme de Viltain: If you love to know where your food comes from and prefer organic, you can go pick your own fruits and vegetables at la ferme. They also offer a large assortment of dairy products. This place is quite trendy too! I found some of their milk in a posh deli in the 6e arrondissement!

3 things to be aware of:

  • Jouy en Josas: This is NOT Paris, it took me an average of 1.5 hours to go from Paris to Jouy en Josas, same back. And that is if there’s no transportation strike. If you want to be flexible, get a car.
  • French administration: I wasn’t too surprised as I’ve worked in this environment before, but be aware that it can have its inefficiencies.
  • French language: If you can master French before HEC, do it! (Maybe you can train by reading the French part of this blog…) It’s not only going to make your life easier outside the campus but also make you feel better included inside. In addition, some of the MBA’s top class courses are taught in French by reputable teachers of the Grande Ecole.

Anyway, all things considered, I have had a fantastic time at HEC and it’s not without some nostalgia that I’m about to move on.
Tsinghua, here I come!

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